Brushed Steel Books to Publish The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy Boxed Set by A. B. Alvarez
Yonkers, New York – September 15, 2019

Brushed Steel Books (BSB) is excited to release a boxed set of the first series ever published by BSB: The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy by A. B. Alvarez. The trilogy will be available in ebook December 24, 2019 just in time for holidays binge reading.

The BookLife Prize had this to say about the Kidnapping Anna trilogy:

Kidnapping Anna (Book 1): “Alvarez’s novel is meticulously plotted and moves at a fast pace.”

ADX Florence (Book 2): “Alvarez has crafted an interesting tale with a lot of promise…ADX Florence boasts an enjoyable and original story.”

The Montague Tubes (Book 3): “Alvarez skillfully plots the third volume in this high-tech thriller. The author connects past and present events with clarity and generates tension with style and ease.”

The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy is the story of Anna Wodehouse and how she survives after her father, accused of being her kidnapper, disappears when the police arrive to arrest him. The mysteries deepen as her father is found by an anonymous benefactor who is willing to help her do the one thing she never thought she would want to do: kill her father.

A. B. Alvarez, the author, said, “Writing the trilogy was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. I loved the idea of someone questioning their past in the face of evidence that their entire life was a lie. Anna is a strong character who never loses her agency and fights her way forward in the face of astounding obstacles.”

The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy is A. B. Alvarez’s love letter to father/daughter adventures, New York City, and the insane things we do for our loved ones. For more information about the author, and media-ready images and content, go to

The trilogy will be released December 24, 2019 in time for the holiday season for readers who will want to binge read their way from Brooklyn, London, Colorado, and New York City as Anna is chased around the world in her quest for revenge and the answer to her father’s fate.

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