Brushed Steel Books A Real Thriller
Yonkers, New York – August 1, 2017

After a year of operating in stealth mode, Yonkers-based Brushed Steel Books, a soon-to-be-publisher of thriller and action/adventure novels, has finally opened its virtual doors. It expects to be publishing a small number of high-quality stories every year starting with action/adventure, moving to the supernatural, and encompassing science fiction/fantasy. Formats will include ebooks, paper, and eventually audio.

“It is a real pleasure to be able to participate in the renaissance of storytelling that is happening today due exclusively to the innovative and disruptive contributions of Amazon, Kobo, and Draft2Digital,” the publisher said. “We look forward to contributing to the world of storytelling that defines us as a culture, and as a species.”

Brushed Steel Books plans to release an ever-increasing number of books as it takes on submissions from outside authors for original books and internally created series. Kidnapping Anna will be the premier release.

Kidnapping Anna by A.B. Alvarez is the first book of a trilogy to be released in the summer. The trilogy will be available for pre-order starting in July 2017 with the first release date being August 2017. ADX Florence: Book 2 will begin pre-orders in August 2017, and The Montague Tubes: Book 3 will begin pre-orders in September 2017.

All books published by Brushed Steel Books will be available at all the top e-tailers including Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks.

About Brushed Steel Books

Brushed Steel Books, Inc. (BSB) is a privately owned entertainment/publishing company that was founded in 2015 and entered the market with the publication of its first books in 2017 (Kidnapping Anna by A.B. Alvarez).

BSB publishes books in the following genres:

  • action/adventure
  • thrillers
  • suspense

About Infinite Originals

Infinite Originals, an imprint of Brushed Steel Books, reaches a diverse group of readers by creating monthly theme-based collections of stories that span genres presenting journeys of empowerment and triumph while never forgetting to entertain.

About Unlikely Experiments

Unlikely Experiments is an imprint of Brushed Steel Books. Stories published under the Unlikely Experiments brand are speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and low-key horror. Near-future stories abound as do tales in times yet to be imagined.