Brushed Steel Books to Publish End of the Immortal by Cedric Banton
Yonkers, New York – December 22, 2021

End of the Immortal

Brushed Steel Books is thrilled to announce the new soon-to-be-released novel from first-time author Cedric Banton titled End of the Immortal. The story follows a band of immortals whose Seeker of the Key must execute a blood sacrifice that keeps them all alive. The quest for the Key happens amidst an adventure backdrop of supernatural enemies and a ticking clock that can’t be stopped. The story will be released in ebook and paperback December 23, 2021.

Cedric Banton, the author, said: “End of the Immortal is a story that I’ve spent years writing and I’m happy to see if finally reach an audience I know will really enjoy it. The readers will not be disappointed. My favorite part is…well, I’ll talk about it after the release.”

Cedric Banton went about writing End of the Immortal after co-writing a wide variety of comedy and dramatic screenplays for award-winning web series. It was a personal project that took years to complete, but gave him the creative satisfaction that only a labor of love can give.

End of the Immortal is a story about friendship, love, betrayal and the compromises we all make to survive in a world that doesn’t even know we exist.

Cedric Banton is the fresh new voice for fans of urban fantasy and supernatural thrillers. Banton’s budding passion for writing began at the age of fourteen, sharing his handwritten short stories with his friends on the way home from Sunday service in the back of a church van. Inspired by the world of comics, fantasy, religion and mythology, he honed his craft while joining various writing teams in college. As an adult, he went on to co-write a wide variety of comedy and dramatic screenplays for award-winning web series. As life continued, he pursued his own personal project, chipping away at an idea that would eventually become his debut Urban Fantasy novel known as End of the Immortal. For more information about the author, and media-ready images and content, go to

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